RH Activ

RH Activ

Als u op zoek bent naar een standaardstoel die kan worden aangepast aan verschillende mensen in verschillende omgevingen, is RH Activ is een natuurlijke keuze. RH Activ is comfortabel, ergonomisch en eenvoudig te gebruiken. Dankzij zijn eenvoudigheid en ergonomie is RH Activ bij uitstek geschikt voor alle werk omgevingen. RH Activ is ook beschikbaar in ESD- en cleanroom-edities. Lees meer...

RH Activ

The design

With its many models, options and accessories, RH Activ is our most flexible family of chairs. And naturally, we’ll help you configure the best selection of chairs to suit your workplace and tasks.

Ergonomics RH´s philosophy of ergonomics is based on the two important principles of upright posture and active sitting. These principles improve breathing and circulation and stimulate the muscles. The philosophy is evident in the RH Activ movement, which ensures that your body receives the variation and support it requires as you move. Because the chair’s basic settings do not change, this helps you to do more and perform better.



The backrest Is available in two sizes. The tapered design provides freedom of movement for the user’s arms, while the lumbar support provides optimum comfort for the user’s back all day.

The height of the backrest Can be adjusted with a simple push of a button.

The armrests Two armrest variants are available. Both can be adjusted by height and width, while one can also be adjusted by depth and the other can be rotated 360 degrees.

The seat s made of moulded foam, which shapes itself to the body. The waterfall edge of the seat reduces pressure on the underside of the thighs, facilitating good circulation. As an option, the RH Activ 200 and 220 models can be equipped with a pad that is 30 mm thicker, which makes it particularly suitable at retail counters, for example.

Seat, height, depth and movement Controls for the seat height, seat depth and the Activ movement are all located within easy reach on your right hand side.

The tilt mechanism Is smooth in it´s movement, and can be locked in the desired position, allowing the chair to follow your every movement.

bases are available in two finishes in addition to the standard black aluminium. Choose between grey or polished aluminium.

Castors for both hard and soft floors are available. The chair can also be ordered with glides.

RH Activ: A healthy environmental choice

All materials we use in RH Activ are free of toxic substances, or glue. The smart function with exchangable pads that can easily be replaced to increase the life span and saves money in the wallet. RH Activ is easy to dismantle for reuse and recycling. The maintenance cost and gains for our environment makes RH Activ a chair with a healthy environmental conscience.

10 year guarantee We build chairs to withstand everyday use and to last for a long time. Before they leave our factory, they undergo rigorous quality control. This enables us to provide a full ten-year guarantee, so that you can feel completely secure with your purchase.


How and where we work has changed a lot over the years. Today’s offices needs to be efficient, flexible and adaptable, that’s why RH Activ is perfect for all types of work areas. RH Activ is easily adaptable for work in the office, project rooms, touchdown areas, education and even for your home office.


The health-care sector has high demands of performance and the work areas must be well suited for the tasks. The different environments within healthcare require different seating and RH Activ solves this with its unique range of adaptions. The chair is easy to clean or sanitize and it´s perfect for areas with multiusers.

Laboratory, cleanroom, ESD

RH Activ cover all requirements for laboratory seating and meet the ergonomic needs of laboratory workplaces. The chair is engineered to help users stay productive and alert throughout the day. For laboratory workplaces RH Activ is available upholstered with fully washable antibacterial/antimicrobial vinyl.

RH Activ Cleanroom is tested and approved for use within Cleanroom environments. Our Cleanroom chairs meet environmental pollutant requirements with regard to, e.g., dust, airborne microbes, aerosol particles, and chemical gases. We also offer chairs that are adapted for a combination of ESD and cleanroom environments. RH Activ Cleanroom is upholstered with conductive vinyl.

Our ESD chairs are certified and approved for work environments requiring antistatic protection for areas with sensitive electronic equipment found in clean rooms and laboratories. RH Activ ESD effectively diverts static electricity through the back, seat, gas lift down to the floor. The fabric on the chair is designed to conduct static electricity.

Industry, cashier

RH Activ is ideal for use at checkout counters, educational applications, shop environments and assembly lines or just for everyday all-purpose use. We offer affordable and high quality chairs for demanding environments. Please check out our large selection of various options. Contact us and we will assist you in finding exactly what you are looking for. RH Activ is also suitable for cashier areas. Additional options, including an extra thick seat, reinforced back & seat pads, and a foot ring, make RH Activ suitable for sit-stand seating cashier desks in stores as well as for receptions.